Agatha Frisky (AU) 
 Quickly gaining a reputation for her intense and passionate performance style and elaborate costumes, Agatha will soon be broadening her horizons to the stages of Europe.
Agatha has extensive experience in performing and teaching a multitude of vintage dance styles as well as producing and directing theatrical and corporate entertainment.
This gorgeous performer will dazzle the hole town down... big time!!

Anaïs Lune​
Anaïs Lune, the hot-blooded vixen, who pours her soul on stage Anaïs Lune has stepped into the burlesque world 4 years ago, and since then has been seducing on stages nationally and internationally!
The highlight of 2016 was the performance of Anaïs Lune at Europe's biggest and more prestigious burlesque festival London Burlesque Festival​.
She is passionate and enchanting, with fire in her veins. Her exotic charm will seduce you...irresistible!

Armi Von Vep​

Photo: Laura Reunanen
Armi Von Vep's burlesque derives from the performative and fine arts revolving around feminism, humour, authenticity of presence and body image. Rather than expressing a stereotypical object of desire Von Vep explores the concept of “Female Grotesque” (Mary Russo 1994) and is "definitely one of the most interesting newcomers in Finnish burlesque." (Marissa Mehr, Culture Magazine Mustekala, 2017)

Bettie Blackheart​
Photo: Jirina Alanko
Bettie Blackheart, The Hellsinki Hellcat, performer, producer and visual artist. Bettie is a keyfigure in the Finnish  scene and has worked within burlesque for over a decade. Her productions include the internationally acclaimed Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2008-2017 and she has stepped on stages from Moscow via Venice to New York. She has performed eg at the prestitigious Tease-O-Rama in San Fransisco, Sublime Boudoir at Alder Manor in New York, Tiki Oasis in San Diego and the New York Burlesque Festival and many many more. She is The Queen of the Firetassels, santioned as the first ever in Europe by Legend of Burlesque Satan´s Angel.

Betty Bellevue​

Photo: Katri Kallio Photography
Betty is a red head with an attitude and she loves to perform with all that she got. She loves to bring characters close to her heart on stage and this time we will see someone little and feisty with a dressfull of hidden needs.

Dave The Bear (UK)
His Royal Hairiness.
WINNER – The Vienna Boylesque Championships 2015
WINNER – Best Male Burlesque Performer, The Burlesque Awards 2016
LOSER – Pride of Britain Award (Every Year)

As seen on 8 out of 10 Cats, The Xtra Factor and Cover Star of Playbear Magazine.
Wear protection!

Dick Tator

Photo: Atelieri O. Haapala
Dick Tator mysterious man, that dictates the stage. He will bring democracy for everyone with his thrilling performance and of course shows his best parts! 
Gigi Praline
Photo: John Paul Bichard
Sticky & sweet Gigi is a sassy, voluptious lady with a punk flair and a love of the ambiguous. She has been performing since 2010 both solo and with Thee Dizzy Daisies and she´s also a member of the burlesque ninja-group the XXXettes! Gigi is known for her expressive face and her quirky sense of humor. She´s been performing world-wide winning "Devil Queen" at the Brussels Burlesque Festival 2016 and she was crowned Neo Queen at the Croatian Burlesque Festival last May. Watching her on stage is like drinking champagne at Tiffany´s with the Looney Tunes! Almost classy, never boring!
Hasard le Sin​

Photo: Hilja Mustonen
Hasard le Sin has just celebrated his first full year of performing and is ready to bring Tampere some steaming fresh boylesque inspired by sticky sweetness, carnal cults, and irreverent idolatry!

Holy Curves!​

Photo: Anna-Liisa Nikus
Nämä virallisina Tesoman hurjinakin tunnetut mansen likat eivät jätä kyllä mitään arvailujen varaan. Duo koostuu Olivia Rougesta ja Albinesta ja he  ovat esiintyneet duona jo vuodesta 2011 lähtien. Tämä dynamiittiduo toimii lavalla kuin junan vessa konsanaan ja asennetta ei näiltä naikkosilta puutu. Heidät on nähty esiintymässä yhdessä aina Suomen lapista Amsterdamiin saakka. 

India Wilde​

Photo: Eetu Keränen
India Wilde is a boheme showgirl. She comes from the musical theatre world and on a stage she loves to express herself through the different forms of performing art.

Sometimes India will entertain you with her viola playing or singing while doing her erotic acts. In her moves you can see a hint of ballet and lyrical jazz which she has been studying in  London.
India is also a member of Burlesque Troupe Vermillion Dames. 

Kitten N' Lou (US)
Photo: Eli Schmidt
Voted the #1 Burlesque Duo in the World in 2015 (21st Century Burlesque),this “camp, show-stopping couple” (The UK Daily Mail) uses burlesque, drag, dance, and theater to make performance that has been described as “the wacky love child of vaudeville and club drag” (Australian Stage 2016), “polished, clever, and glamorous” (Dita Von Teese), and “GENIUS” (The Huffington Post).

Known for their signature brand of highly choreographed comedic camp extravaganzas, this brash and dazzling duo has seduced audiences across the globe, headlining festivals such as the Helsinki Burlesque Festival and Viva Las Vegas.

  Luc Pascal Pierre​

King of The Thrill who will seduce you and use you and leave you breathless!

Miss Lunatrix

Miss Lunatrix sees herself first and foremost as an storyteller, and often builds her performances around a theme or emotion. To her burlesque is a way to explore what it means to be an ideal woman in this society. She marries personal and political in her numbers, telling stories about beauty ideals, relationships and the fear of strong women. Originally hailing from Tampere, she founded her first burlesque troupes over ten years ago, and is now returning to her old hometown for the first time since 2010 – with a brand new number!


Photo: Lauri Majamaa
MortuusAmor is a newcomer burlesque performer from Tampere, Finland.
She made her first solo burlesque debut in August 2016 in Tampere and after that MortuusAmor has been performing around Finland for example in Turku, Jyväskylä and Helsinki but also in Tallinn, Estonia.
MortuusAmor is also part of a burlesque troupe Vermillion Dames.

She will bring you a new solo act - a tragic story of love and despair!

Olivia Rouge​

Photo: Eetu Keränen
Olivia Rouge has been strutting on the burlesque stages since 2008 and that makes this year her 10th anniversary! She is one of the most influental members of the finnish burlesque scene and especially in Tampere. Olivia has performed all over Finland in various events but also internationally in places like Las Vegas (BHOF), New York, Rome and London to name a few. She is known from her broad performance repertoire and you can never know what she will bring on stage next!

Olivia also runs her own Olivia Rouge's School of Burlesque and is the head mistress of Tampere Burlesque association.

Pepper Sparkles

Photo: Atelieri O. Haapala
Pepper Sparkles is a burlesque performer, vintage/pinup model and vintage specialist from Finland. She first discovered burlesque in 2008, at the very first Helsinki Burlesque Festival, and has been hooked ever since! After taking some workshops with some of the international burlesque performers visiting Finland, Pepper first hit the stage in 2009, at the second edition of Finland's "Newcomer's Night". She also teaches burlesque workshops both in Finland and internationally, and is a proud member of the Finnish school of burlesque Burleskinstituutti.

She is a picture-perfect reincarnation of the turn-of-the-century exotic dancers such as Mata Hari and silent movie beauties like Theda Bara. She brings you all the eye-catching exotica and flamboyant vintage elegance of Golden Era Hollywood. Her unique and exquisite acts will propel you into fantastic worlds of wonders, and are guaranteed to always leave a smile on your face. Let her flapper you up!

Sea Breeze
Photo: Petra Viitaniemi
Sea Breeze has been performing since 2012, both in Finland and international stages. She is the other half of duo The Valentino Sisters. She is quirky and dramatic, fun and voluptious performer. She loves to take you by surprise, and leave you wanting more. You see, she’s got the twinkle in her eyes. 

Stella Polaire​

Photo: Katri Kallio Photography
Miss Stella Polaire, the "Sally Bowles" of the Finnish Burlesque scene, began performing 2008 and she has been shakin' her tailfeathers on stage ever since. She is known both as a performer and a rather outspoken hostess. Miss Polaire is not afraid to diverge from the traditions of burlesque and in her acts she combines a punk attitude with cabaret and fantasy to bring something somewhat special and intriguing to the stage!

Thee Dizzy Daisies
Photo: Emiliano Melandri
The nowadays-duo consists of two very different but equally klassy ladies that have been performing together since 2011. Pepper Sparkles and Gigi Praline will bring you a mix of class and sass with a shake on the rump! From the ethereal Northern Lights to bad ballet as Ice Fairies his duo is sure to keep the audiences entertained! 


Veda DeCadenza

Photo: Maria Kimalle
Veda DeCadenza is an enchanting mixture of a sinful seductress and a bubbly pin-up doll. Since the year 2015 this Helsinki-based burlesque artist has delighted audiences all over Finland and Europe with her sensual performances. She is particularly known for her versatile facial expressions, radiant smile and passionate love affair with Italy. Old movies are an endless source of inspiration for her. Veda is decadently sweet and sweetly decadent and she loves to entertain You!

Velma Von Bon Bon (UK)
Photo: Neil Kendall
Voted in the top 50 burlesque performers in the world 2 years on the trot by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine readers, Velma Von Bon Bon is a Tour de Force in Neo-Burlesque hilarity. She has been peddling her unique brand of comedy and glamour (Glomedy you might say) since 2009 across the width and breadth of the UK and Europe. An English rose plucked from a pop-culture nonsense garden, she combines circus skills, humour and original costuming to guarantee more than a few wet seats in the house...(for various reasons)

 Vermillion Dames​
Photo: Eetu Keränen
Vermillion Dames is a burlesque troupe that has been performing since early 2016. The group consists of 10 dazzling ladies, all bringing their own flavour to the bunch. The Dames are being coached by Olivia Rouge.
As a group they are bringing variety to solo acts by filling the stage with full on female power and with in your face attitude. There is definitely something for everyone in this group!